Volunteer With Us

Volunteer Information

We welcome adult volunteers, as well as college students majoring in art, elementary, middle, secondary education, special education, Spanish, teaching English language learners, psychology, social work, health sciences, or any major if you are interested in helping children or the operation of non-profit agencies.


Here at Second Home, the staff and students tremendously value volunteers and are always excited for new, friendly faces and friends! Volunteers are able to give students individual help with reading, math, homework, creative activities or play outside.

Before you start volunteering, we ask that you do a few things for us prior to spending some time at Second Home.



DOWNLOAD and COMPLETE our volunteer application (2 pages).


Contact us to schedule an orientation.

Bring the completed form to the orientation session. (We will have extra forms at the session in case you were unable to print out the form)


Learn a little about Second Home!

Some quick research of the needs of children & families, and poverty in Harrisonburg are always good to look into before volunteering here.

The following materials will be useful for working with children on literacy:

Phonological Awareness

We Read to Succeed


Determine when you would like to volunteer! You can set your own day(s) and times to volunteer and choose your area(s) of interest.

After your Orientation Session, come in during any of these hours.
Mornings: 6:00-8:30 Play games, make art and crafts with children, read books together, serve breakfast, help clean up.
2:00 pm     Snack preparation and set up.
3:00 – 4:00 Play with children and help with snack time.
4:00 – 6:00 Help with math, reading, homework, STEM, art, physical activity, leadership and social skill building activities.


“Where is Second Home?”

Address: 282 E Water Street, Harrisonburg,VA 22801.
Directions: Take Main Street or Mason Street toward downtown Harrisonburg
Turn onto East Market Street, pass Urban Exchange on the right and Burger King on the left. See Muhlenberg Lutheran Church on the right, immediately past it turn into church parking lot. You can park in the church parking lot.
Go BEHIND the church, when you See Muhlenberg Activities Center, enter through glass doors. From here just stop at the Reception Desk and let them know you’re there to volunteer!


Currently, our specific needs include:

  • Art and craft supplies: construction paper, popsicle sticks; pipe cleaners; beads; foam cutout shapes; Ziploc bags (all sizes); washable paint; brushes; white and color card stock; stickers (plus anything else you may think of).
  • Snack supplies: 5oz paper cups, 8oz paper cups, plastic spoons, dessert size paper plates, napkins, Ziploc bags (all sizes).
  • Cleaning supplies: Clorox wipes, unscented baby wipes, tissues, paper towels, dish soap, foam liquid hand soap.
  • Cash to use towards other items we may need.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!