About Us

“Second Home supports the whole child and opens a path to a more abundant life.”  – Pastor Bob Humphrey, Muhlenberg Lutheran Church

“I’m not afraid the teacher will call on me. I get help with my homework and now I know all the answers” – Second Home student

Second Home Learning Center is a community supported, affordable, and academically focused before and after school care program supporting some of the most marginalized families in Harrisonburg, VA. Second Home L. C. is licensed and a United Way partner agency. Since 2007, Second Home L. C. has helped hundreds of students improve academically with special focus on Math and Literacy. Our students have learned social – emotional and life skills, and participated in character building, healthy lifestyle, and career exploration activities. Field trips, community service projects, hands on STEM activities, and visitors from the community have enhanced our students’ learning experience while helping to reduce the 6000 hour learning gap most of them face during the first decade of their childhood. Second Home L. C. provides long lasting benefits by helping children who were previously at risk because they were home alone. Prevention of drug use, gang activity, as well as inspiration for success in school, may give hope to these children for a step up from poverty and a more promising future.