Meet the Staff




Ms. Szekely M.A. Engl., M.A. Coun. Psych., Director                                       Fifth year at Second Home

“I like working with and helping people, and here I can do both. I enjoy working with the children and helping them do their best.”



Ms. Shepherd B.A., Lead Teacher  Fourth year at Second Home

“Second Home provides safe and affordable childcare for people that are at risk or disadvantaged, or might not have the opportunity otherwise. We get to know the families, and it’s a positive experience.”



Ms. Payne, M.Ed, 2nd – 3rd grade teacher                                                Seventh year at Second Home

“My dream job growing up was to be a teacher. Fun fact about me? Well, I’ve been an extra in three movies.”



Ms. Yoder

Ms. Cardwell  1st – 2nd grade teacher                                First year at Second Home

Ms. Carter



Ms. Hanger B.A. Cert. Ed., Kindergarten teacher            Fourth year at Second Home

“The best part about working at Second Home is being with the students.     




Mr. Joe, M.A. Business Administration Math Teacher, Computer Lab                                       Ninth year at Second Home

“I like having the chance to be around the children and seeing that they have the opportunity to have the help that they otherwise would not get.”


Ms. Agler

Ms. Cheng