To apply for a space for your child,

pick up an application form our office, email us at secondhomeharrisonburg@gmail.com, or call our office at (540) 432-7989. Spaces are available on a first come first served basis. We can let you know if there is a space available for your child, once we have a completed application. A complete application includes a completed application form (one for each child) and a copy of your child’s physical examination and vaccination record.

If your child attends Spotswood Elementary, Smithland Elementary, Waterman Elementary he or she may be able to come to Second Home Learning Center.

Transportation: Harrisonburg School buses take children from Second Home L. C. to Spotswood Elementary, Smithland Elementary, Waterman Elementary Schools in the mornings and bring students from these schools to Second Home in the afternoons.

Second Home Hours: 6:00 am till morning bus pickup  &  bus drop off  till 6:00 pm Monday-Friday when HCPS are open. Our office is open 2:00 – 6:00 pm on weekdays.



Low cost: for more information please contact our office at 540-432-7989 or via email at secondhomeharrisonburg@gmail.com.

Food: Nutritious, healthy snacks served before and after school.

Find out more by calling, emailing or visiting any afternoon after school!