Community Partnerships

Second Home thrives off of community support. This is our fifteenth academic year of providing a safe and secure space where children, regardless of their family’s ability to pay, can be surrounded by people who recognize their potential. In the 2020 – 2021 academic year, with the emerged need of full-day care for school aged children in the City due to COVID-19, we stepped up and opened our center all day for students who were in the virtual education program of HCPS.

We are thankful for those who realized this program was needed and those who believed it was possible; for those who work with the children and help them learn to read, to write, to conquer math problems, to see themselves as having many talents and gifts, and for those who work behind the scenes to make this all possible.

In the recent years we have extended out operation to the HCPS Summer School weeks to enable more students to participate in much needed learning activities at schools and at Second Home Learning Center. We enjoy the visits with Gus Bus twice a week, making fun art projects with Oasis Fine Art & Craft, and learning from JMU nursing students.


We are also incredibly thankful for the support we receive from our community through the United Way in identifying and ensuring vital community needs are met. We also benefit from our relationships and the services provided by local service groups.

We are thankful for the warm support from members and staff of Muhlenberg Lutheran Church, who heard about the need for this program in their neighborhood and who opened their arms and hearts to each and every one of our children.

We are thankful for the teachers at Spotswood Elementary, Smithland Elementary, Waterman Elementary, Skyline Middle, and Thomas Harrison Middle Schools who do so much for our Second Home kids during the day. They are actively involved in helping us support their students before and after school to make sure they are safe, in addition to working on homework and improving reading and math skills.

We are only able to continue to meet this need and shape our community’s future with your support.


Potential donors:

Financial donations are vitally important to fulfill the mission of having a safe, affordable place for children before and after school.  Your dollars ensure that Second Home is staffed with trained teachers who are qualified to extend the school day by reviewing what children have learned in school, building reading skills, tutoring in math and making sure homework is completed each day.


Kid-friendly magazine subscriptions would also be appreciated. (e.g.: National Geographic Kids, ASK, New Moon Girls, Ranger Rick, … etc.)

We appreciate your help in supplementing money received from fees paid by parents, grants, fundraising events, and other generous donors.

If you think that you can help, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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